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Brand story of COEDROLE

Coedrole comes from the synonyms of two words coed and role. Coed means student, and role means a job.

Coedrole brings the best electronics solutions for all technological aspirants from students to professionals, serving the energetic mindsets of the 21st century

Brand vision

Beginning of the story

In April 2023, some difficulties faced during our college’s techno-cultural fest led to the formation of COEDROLE. Bridge the gaps in electronics products and accessories, is a necessity for students, hobbyists, professional community. Some of the electronics sensors and DIY circuits available in the market calibrated improperly or facing issues with the design, maybe the absence of needed electronics products. Grouped effort to resolve these issues leads to the formation of Coedrole

Founding of the brand

By realising the voids in the electronics world of creativity and innovation, we gathered passionate, dedicated, skilled people from the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, College of Engineering Muttathara ( under the cape, govt of Kerala), Trivandrum, Kerala. The structure of coedrole has been formed by splitting our large group into subdivisions. We expand our mission and vision to fulfil young minds’ dreams and desires and fuel their thoughts and ideas into reality. We set up our office and operations centre in the facility provided by IEDC-CEM, coedrole officially inaugurated on August 24, 2023, by Dr Thajudeen Ahemmad v. I, director of Cape. By continuing our work with perseverance, we launched our first products on November 24, 2023, marking a milestone in our journey and being an inspiration and motivation to all by making our dreams into reality. Now we are on the voyage to the promising, exciting future and stretching our hands to all over where technology is dominating




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Our Expert Team

To achieve great goals and dreams, teamwork matters more than a single effort. We have curious-minded, hardworking, diverse people to drive our firm more efficiently and effectively. With more than two divisions and subdivisions, our structure is built and managed by several people, guided by an internal authority toward a sustainable future

Sales channels

We sell our product through both online and offline markets, from local markets to international markets. We selling our product on almost all e-commerce platforms and are about to commence our e-commerce website

Customer care

As a dynamic hub of electronics sensors and circuits, we are wowed to extend our services and support to customers at any event. We provide doubt-clearing, guidance, and inquiries through all modern channels and you can always reach out to us

24x7 customer care

We value you and provide 24×7 support to our customers. We are dedicated to clear all your doubts and enquiries.

Customer Service

We provide quality services to our clients.