Acrylic Chassis

4-Wheel Robot Chassis Kit

“4-Wheel Robot Chassis Kit: Build your own robotic vehicle with this versatile kit, designed for exploration and customization.”

Robot Chassis Kit

“Robot Chassis Kit: Create and customize your own robot with this versatile kit, ideal for educational projects and DIY enthusiasts.”

Double shaft bo motor with wheel x 4

Operating Voltage 3V – 12V DC Output Torque 3.5

Round Chassis

“Round Chassis: Versatile circular base for your projects, offering stability and adaptability in constructing various electronic devices.”

Acrylic Chassis

“Acrylic Chassis: Durable and lightweight base for your projects, offering a transparent and modern design for electronic applications.”

4 wheel drive curious chassis

“4-Wheel Drive Curious Chassis: A versatile platform for your projects, providing stability and mobility for 4-wheel drive robotic applications.”

Chassis for DIY Robotics

“Acrylic 6-Wheel Drive Curious Chassis for DIY Robotics (Black): Build your own robot with this sleek and customizable chassis for ultimate creativity.”

Robot Chassis

“Robot Chassis with Wheels and Motors (Black): All-in-one kit for building your robotic creation, offering mobility and versatility.”