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Latest Works

“Our Projects: Explore our innovative ventures and creations, showcasing our commitment to excellence and creativity.”

Tesla coil (D1047 Transistor)

“Tesla Coil with D1047 Transistor: Experience the marvel of high-voltage experiments with our captivating Tesla coil design featuring D1047 transistor.”

Tesla coil from a flyback transformer

“Create a Tesla coil using a flyback transformer for captivating experiments and demonstrations of high-voltage phenomena.”

Vehicle Accident Alert System

“Vehicle Accident Alert System: Enhance safety with our intelligent system, instantly notifying authorities in case of a vehicle accident.”

Prototype of autonomous vehicle using Image processing and Raspberry pi

“Autonomous Vehicle Prototype: Integrating image processing with Raspberry Pi for cutting-edge self-navigation and control capabilities.”

Tesla coil

“Tesla Coil: Unleash the power of electricity with our captivating Tesla coil, a fascinating device for high-voltage experiments and demonstrations.”


“E-Aquaponics: Revolutionize farming with our electronic aquaponics system, blending technology and agriculture for sustainable and efficient cultivation.”

Control Unit

“Control Unit: Centralized command for seamless management, ensuring precision and efficiency in your electronic projects.”


“E-DOC: A mission or project focused on hand sanitization, ensuring hygiene and safety through advanced technologies.”