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24x7 customer care

We value you and provide 24×7 support to our customers. We are dedicated to clear all your doubts and enquiries.

Customer Service

We provide quality services to our clients.

Innovative Ideas

We provide innovative and unique ideas to students who are looking for projet ideas.

Providing space for Innovative Ideas

We provide space for students to present their innovative ideas and develop them.

Product Category

“Robot Kits: Unleash your creativity and build your own robots with our comprehensive kits, designed for fun and educational exploration.”

Amplifier board

“Amplifier Board: Boost audio signals with precision using our versatile board, delivering enhanced sound quality for your electronic projects.”

Development Boards

“Development Boards: Versatile platforms to prototype and innovate, empowering you to bring your electronic projects to life with ease.”


“Sensor: Detect, measure, and enhance functionality with our reliable sensors, adding intelligence to your electronic projects.”

Motor Drivers

“Motor Drivers: Efficiently control and power your motors with our reliable drivers, ensuring smooth performance for your electronic projects.”

“DIY Learning Kits: Explore, create, and learn with our hands-on kits, fostering curiosity and skill development for aspiring enthusiasts.”

Electronic Modules

“Electronic Modules: Versatile components for your projects, offering a range of functionalities to enhance and customize your electronic creations.”

Relay module

“Relay Module: Control high-power devices with precision using our reliable module, adding versatility to your electronic projects.”

Displays Modules

“Display Modules: Elevate your project’s visibility and user experience with our diverse range of display solutions for various applications.”

Power Supply

“Power Supply: Reliable energy source for your electronic devices, ensuring consistent and stable performance in your projects.”

Switched Mode Power Supply

“Switched Mode Power Supply: Efficient and compact solution for stable and regulated power delivery in electronic applications.”

IoT and Wireless

“IoT and Wireless: Seamlessly connect and empower your devices with our cutting-edge solutions for a smarter and interconnected world.”

The product we are going to launch in the future